“I rec­om­mend it to every sen­a­tor, con­gress­man, to the White House staff, and the chief exec­u­tive himself.”

“I came away feel­ing you really under­stand. It’s effec­tive. It’s imme­di­ate. I found it extreme­ly revealing.”

“In that one-minute sec­tion, I could see years of my life being played out. My whole life came into focus.”

“This is the path. In these two meet­ings, I’ve had more break­throughs than I’ve had in a year of therapy.”

“It was so inter­est­ing to see myself. The two sides of me were total­ly not con­nect­ed. Thank you so much.”

“Pretty eye-open­ing. Seeing the dif­fer­ence between self-per­cep­tion and real­i­ty. It is a lot. It’s fascinating.”

“I feel such a relief already. A lot better than I did when I first came on here. Yeah, phenomenal.”

“It’s com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent. This is a whole other level. Seeing my hand move­ments con­firmed all of it. I highly rec­om­mend it.”

“You were able to know so many things about me with very little information.”

“For intel­lec­tu­als out there, def­i­nite­ly it’s worth expe­ri­enc­ing this. This has been amazing.”

“It was an eye-opener. It was amaz­ing. This is truly the way to becom­ing the person I want to be.”

“My body is show­ing me exact­ly what’s going on in my life. To be able to see that is incredible.”

“Andrew just tells very accu­rate things imme­di­ate­ly. I highly rec­om­mend it.”

“I was sur­prised by how much insight I gained and how my life’s story and suf­fer­ing showed up in the body.”

“I would def­i­nite­ly rec­om­mend it if you are ready to face things that you may be unaware of.”

“It allows me to see myself in areas I’ve never explored. It’s insane. It’s crazy. A little scary how accu­rate it is.”

“Big break­through. I got to see ten years of what my life would have looked like col­lapsed in hours.”

“It’s what a lot of people are look­ing for and you do an amaz­ing job. Wow.”

“A safe con­tain­er to expe­ri­ence how unsafe I feel. What you’re offer­ing is really stunning.”

“It’s harder to find teach­ers to help you get to the next level. You did that. Impres­sive work.”

“Very help­ful. Every­thing you said makes sense. Very insightful.”

“It was such a new feel­ing. My body has a new insight. I feel very calm.”

“Wow. This is life-chang­ing work. Every­body needs to expe­ri­ence this.”

“It wasn’t easy at times, but it was amaz­ing. Fun. I already want more!”

“I’d rec­om­mend you. You know your s**t.”

“Very reveal­ing. So pow­er­ful. Amaz­ing work.”

“You showed me a lot. Wow. It’s going to bring a change in me.”

“Really help­ful. It felt really good. I really appre­ci­ate it.”

“Wow. Sur­pris­ing in a lot of ways. Quite a joyful experience.”

“Absolute­ly help­ful, insight­ful. This has been great.”

“Some­thing I’ve never expe­ri­enced. I appre­ci­ate being shown the truth.”

“Your work is pow­er­ful. It seems so simple, but whew …super powerful.”

“Eye-open­ing. It’s some­thing I’ve never been told before in my entire life.”

“More help­ful than I thought it would be. Every­thing that showed up is the truth.”

“Wow. It’s been so worth it. There’s no ques­tion about that.”