Work­shops & Class­es

Cine­so­mat­ic Dis­cov­ery™

In this intro­duc­to­ry class, you will learn what Cine­so­mat­ics is, how it works, the foun­da­tion­al prin­ci­ples and phi­los­o­phy, and have an oppor­tu­ni­ty to expe­ri­ence the process.

Cine­so­mat­ic Explo­ration™

In this dynam­ic expe­ri­en­tial work­shop, you will spend 1–2 days going through var­i­ous move­ments and exer­cis­es, explor­ing your uncon­scious mate­r­i­al through your body, and learn­ing a new way to move in your life. This is the core Cine­so­mat­ics work­shop, where par­tic­i­pants take it over and over again, going deeper and fur­ther in their process.

Cine­so­mat­ic Rela­tion™

This is a 2‑day in-person work­shop where we reveal the way you relate to every­thing. How you lead, follow, give, receive. The way you relate in busi­ness or per­son­al rela­tion­ships. The truth of how you relate to the world and your­self is illu­mi­nat­ed. Great for teams and cou­ples.

Cine­so­mat­ic Immer­sion™

This is a 5‑day, online inten­sive going deeper into the advanced work of Cine­so­mat­ics. 40 hours togeth­er is a cat­a­lyst for the great­est trans­for­ma­tion of your life and the ulti­mate expe­ri­ence of embod­i­ment, shadow work, awak­en­ing, and heal­ing over video con­fer­enc­ing.

One-On-One With Drew Gerald

Embod­i­ment Assess­ment

The first step in dis­cov­er­ing the arche­typ­al mytholo­gies that run you—in your body. This pri­vate ses­sion offers three diag­nos­tic meth­ods to illu­mi­nate your uncon­scious pat­terns, and tell you exact­ly why you’re get­ting the results you’ve been get­ting and how to break through, using our Cine­so­mat­ic tech­nol­o­gy.

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Re-Embod­i­ment Pro­gram™

Fol­low­ing the Embod­i­ment Assess­ment, embark on a 3 or 6 month jour­ney of rewiring your body to embody func­tion­al arche­types. This is custom designed for each client, focus­ing on 12 arche­types to re-embody.