Com­pi­la­tion of 24 people “shak­ing their hands”—revealing polar­i­ty, reverse-wiring, and how we play big and small.

Hand­shak­ing shows 24 par­tic­i­pants doing what they inter­pret as “shak­ing your hands”. This decep­tive­ly odd exer­cise reveals a tremen­dous amount of data about the person through the move­ment and feel­ing, such as:

  • What money, love, sup­port we take in, reject, or throw away
  • What sto­ries and mytholo­gies are cur­rent­ly run­ning our lives
  • The level of joy, suf­fer­ing, ease, or strug­gle we experience
  • Trau­mas, anx­i­eties, fears, avoid­ances, neu­rot­ic patterns
  • Hidden agen­das, manip­u­la­tions, pro­jec­tions, judgments
  • The func­tion­al­i­ty of our mas­cu­line and fem­i­nine aspects

Extend­ed Edi­tion (30:09)