These videos demon­strate the exclu­sive Cine­so­mat­ic process where clients review footage and inte­grate feedback.

Exam­ple One shows Andrew Daniel giving feed­back to a client while review­ing footage togeth­er online of hand­shak­ing and embod­ied arche­type movements.

Topics include:

  • Explain­ing the premise of feed­back and video
  • The source of anx­i­ety in the body
  • Being seen a cer­tain way and drop­ping personas
  • High output levels and money in business
  • Ego and spir­i­tu­al arrogance
  • Not feel­ing enough when giving and receiving
  • Lack of true ful­fill­ment in buying things

Notice: Mature language

Extend­ed Edi­tion (18:08)